HDE 7 Tablet Stand with USB Keyboard - Black Faux Leather Carrying Case


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  • Item model number: AD-GCPD22-7C

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Product Description

This black leather case with laptop-style keyboard is the great accessory for 7" tablets. This protective cover is multi-functional and lets you sort just as you would with your laptop/netbook. This case is equipped with a full operating keyboard, a stylus, pockets to hold up to 2 styluses, USB cable, and an extendable stand. Just plug the USB two. cable, attached to the keyboard, right into your tablet and you are all set! Product Dimensions: 9. x 5.75 x 1. inches. Advised for use with 7" tablet dimensions up to: 8.75 x five.5 x .75 inches. Please make certain to measure the dimensions of your 7" Tablet for a appropriate fit!

Consumer Evaluations

I bought this immediately after reading a lot of evaluations on right here and noting that quite a few individuals mentioned it worked with Coby Kyros. Shipping was Speedy! I got it in four days with two of them becoming weekend days. The case is good and sturdy, wonderful hardcover protection. I was conscious it came with the keyboard and plug, and that I would have to use my adapter that came with my Coby Kyros, but it was a pleasant surprise to find a stylus was also included and that there is a good holder for that and for the cord that holds the plug for the keyboard.
A lot of persons have mentioned this case does not fit their 7-inch tablets, but there is a Incredibly Uncomplicated fix. Ahead of placing your tablet into the three prongs, 1st bend the prongs downward (toward the case backing) a little further than they are currently seated. I did this and my 7-inch Kyros (which originally just slipped ideal in) now fits snugly in the three holders. I even held it more than my bed and vigorously shook the case up and down whilst it was open and my tablet in no way fell out or even slipped at all. It's significantly easier and less "messy" than one particular other reviewer's suggestion of making use of Velcro - and significantly a lot easier to get the tablet in and out this way.
Lastly, when I initially connected my adapter that came with my tablet to the keyboard adapter I was very disappointed that nothing occurred. I tried various distinctive browser pages, mashed all the buttons on the keyboard, clicked on the Function key and snooze button twice in case it was in sleep mode, and so on. but absolutely nothing happened. I finally kept reading reviews on here and noticed on about page 3 or four that someone mentioned they altered their USB settings and their keyboard finally started working. So, I immediately went to my Settings, Advanced Settings, and then USB BUS MODE and changed it from DEVICE mode to HOST mode and VOILA - the keyboard instantly began functioning. Not only that, but I can have it connected or not connected and each the external keyboard and my device keyboard still function commonly. For everyone that hooks it up to their tablet and thinks it is not really operating - please try this and it could possibly save you the time and hassle of sending it back to the manufacturer.
I have so far been in a position to browse faster, sort a great deal more rapidly and get by means of countless even more screens more quickly using this keyboard and cover than I was ever able to do with my fingers and stylus with the tablet and device keyboard in the past. I am going to Love this purchase

The case itself is fine however the keyboard is not compatible with the Pandigital Novel. The Novel fit fine in to the case and looked excellent, but the keyboard is not compatible with the five point male USB port on the Novel. I bought an adapter to fix the dilemma, but the Keyboard would not function at all. I returned the keyboard case back to Amazon the similar day. I was seeking for an external keyboard for the novel and thought I would give this one particular a attempt, however it just did not work.

By : MiniSuit

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